Interpol considering policing the metaverse

According to a recent BBC report, Interpol is currently exploring ways to police the metaverse, a virtual world where millions of people connect with one another, create content and do business.

With the increasing popularity of metaverse, concerns around illegal activities, such as terrorism and child sexual abuse, have also grown. As per Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock, it is essential that they start thinking about the potential risks of the metaverse now and build a common approach to combat them. The report highlights that the policing of metaverse will be a challenging task as the technology involved is more complex than the internet, and it is difficult to control people’s behavior.

Nonetheless, with the metaverse’s massive potential to influence society, it is crucial to consider appropriate security measures to protect individuals and communities from potential harm.

Source : Interpol working out how to police the metaverse