In VR, women witness rampant sexual assault in the real world – but it’s still not real

A new documentary sees a reporter don a VR headset and head into the world that’s supposed to be our future. Within 10 minutes, she had witnessed the most disturbing sights of her life.

In a chat room, “I saw underage kids simulating oral sex on each other. I experienced sexual harassment, racism and rape jokes.”

“I was using an app that says it’s suitable for ages seven plus, but I kept coming across rooms where people were gyrating and twerking and simulating sex. At one point, seven users surrounded me and tried to force me to remove my safety shield so they could do things to my body. It was the virtual equivalent of sexual assault. I didn’t prompt any of it, I was just existing in that space. The way they expect you to complain doesn’t make any sense.”

“When people are acting out sexual assault on you, I know it’s not real. But those people are there in their houses, physically acting out that sexual assault – using their hands to grab at you or push you against a wall. That breaks down the wall between real and virtual behaviour. The worst thing is how numb you become to it.”

Source : A barrage of assault, racism and rape jokes: my nightmare trip into the metaverse(The Guardian)