AI’s Mixed Impact on the Asian Labor Market: Opportunities and Challenges

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the labor market has caused significant upheavals in Asia, with varying effects on different countries.

AI, which gained prominence after the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in late 2022, has led to widespread anxiety among workers about potential job losses, a sentiment echoed by major firms like Goldman Sachs and PwC.

A survey by the Japan Economic Information Survey Center and Nikkei revealed that 14 out of 18 Asian economists believe AI will positively impact the economy by enhancing efficiency in manufacturing. Singapore stands to benefit from AI, focusing on high-skill management jobs and technological efficiency.

However, India and Indonesia face challenges, with economists predicting significant job losses due to slow adaptation to AI and automation. Concerns also extend to graduates lacking AI skills, inequality in India, and technological growth in Indonesia, highlighting the complex landscape of AI’s integration into the Asian workforce.

Source : AI เขย่าตลาดแรงงานเอเชีย ทำอินเดีย & อินโดฯ ทรุด แต่สิงคโปร์ได้เฮ

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