Metaverse Sexual Harassment: Virtual Reality Needs Safeguards

According to Elle, virtual reality platforms are increasingly being used as a tool for sexual harassment, and there are concerns that these incidents could become more prevalent as the use of VR technology grows.

The anonymity and lack of consequences in the virtual world have created an environment where harassment and assault are rampant, with some users being subjected to unwanted sexual advances, groping, and even virtual rape. In response, some VR platforms are taking steps to address these issues, including implementing reporting mechanisms and banning offenders. However, many argue that more needs to be done, such as creating clear codes of conduct and providing better training for users and moderators.

Critics also argue that the technology itself may be contributing to the problem by normalizing and even encouraging objectification and harassment.

Source : Virtual Reality Promised us a New World. Instead, It’s Become a Breeding Ground for Harassment.