Ensuring Child and Youth Safety Online: UN Recommendations

According to the United Nations, children and youth are more connected to the internet than ever before, which brings both opportunities and risks. To ensure their safety online, the UN suggests several measures, including:

Promoting digital literacy: This includes educating children and youth on the benefits and risks of the internet and how to use it safely.
Developing and enforcing legal and regulatory frameworks: Governments should establish laws and regulations that protect children online, and hold perpetrators of online abuse accountable.
Enhancing technological solutions: Tech companies should develop and implement tools that promote online safety, such as parental controls and age verification systems.
Strengthening child protection systems: Governments and organizations should work together to strengthen child protection systems, including prevention, detection, and response to online abuse.
Encouraging a multi-stakeholder approach: Ensuring online safety for children and youth requires a collaborative effort among governments, tech companies, civil society, parents, and young people themselves.

In addition, the UN emphasizes the importance of involving children and youth in discussions about online safety and empowering them to be active participants in shaping digital policies and practices that affect them.

Source : Child and Youth Safety Online